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Plastic surgery will likely make you look nine years younger than you really are, a new study suggests.Researchers showed 40 medical students before and after pictures of 60 plastic-surgery patients.When shown the "before" pictures, the medical students estimated the patients to be 1.7 years younger...[Read More]
MYFOXNY.COM - Looking good may have never felt so good. New research suggests some cosmetic surgery may not only make you look better it might actually make you heart healthy, too. A nip here, a tuck there may have you looking your best, but could it actually be healthy for you too?A recent study fi...[Read More]
Cosmetic surgery that saves you money, uses only local anesthesia and lets you control the results: Sounds like a great deal, right? In reality, the new Awake procedures are a way for barely trained surgeons to profit from dangerous operations no hospital would let them do. SELF investigates the tru...[Read More]
There is a fascinating and terrifying article in the January, 2011 Self Magazine entitled “Under The Knife.” This article is about the latest and scariest trend in plastic surgery, “awake surgery.” It documents several mind-bending horror stories for awake liposuction, breast implant surgery, and tu...[Read More]

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