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Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, and general anesthesia. We will recommend the best choice for you based on your personality, your desires, and the complexity of your procedure.

For more information about our brow lift surgery procedure, please contact us online or call us at We look forward to helping you look your best.


There are several methods to raise the eyebrows and weaken the muscles that cause frowning:

Coronal (Open) Brow Lift—This requires an incision all of the way across the top of the head, which takes more time and can also cause with more bleeding, scarring, hair loss, and numbness. It is not performed very often, and usually only by surgeons who have not become adept at the endoscopic technique.

Endoscopic (Closed) Brow Lift—Using several small incisions, a video camera is inserted allowing Dr. Alexander to gently loosen the brow tissues. The forehead is rotated up and secured into place. The procedure is quicker and essentially causes no scarring, blood loss, or numbness.

Direct Brow Lift—Occasionally it is very effective to remove a small ellipse of skin above each eyebrow. This is most commonly done in men who have lost hair.

Anterior Direct Brow Lift—This is done for patients—usually women—who already have a very tall forehead, and who risk increasing the length of the forehead with a standard technique. By making an incision across the front of the hairline, the brow can be lifted and excess forehead skin removed at the same time.

An Endoscopic Brow Lift typically takes about 40-60 minutes to perform, depending on the individual face and certain surgical variables.

There are five basic steps to the procedure.

Step 1 – Incision

Three to five 1 cm incisions are made at the hairline.

Step 2 – Loosening

After a small camera is inserted, surgical instruments are used to free the brow tissue, making it more mobile.

Step 3 – Myectomy (muscle separation and removal)

The corrugator muscles that cause frowning are divided and partially removed to create a smoother brow.

Step 4 – Fixation

The brow is elevated and secured at an elevated level, providing a lift to the eyebrows. Brow elevation may be maintained by the use of one of the following:

Permanent or temporary sutures

Tiny surgical screws

An absorbable fixation device placed inconspicuously at the temple

Step 5 – Closure

Small sutures are used to close the incisions, and a soft, compressive dressing is placed.


BEFORE AND AFTER Brow Lift: Before & After Photos: Alexander Cosmetic Surgery San Diego, California (CA) Brow Lift: Before & After Photos: Alexander Cosmetic Surgery San Diego, California (CA) Brow Lift: Before & After Photos: Alexander Cosmetic Surgery San Diego, California (CA)

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