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All about Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Although it’s easy enough to find plastic surgeons in San Diego who perform rhinoplasty to make the nose appear smaller, there are also men and women who want to augment the shape of their nose instead. Since augmentation rhinoplasty is not as common, it’s important to find a surgeon who is familiar with this procedure before booking the appointment.

Why Nasal Augmentation?

In most cases, the goal of rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job, is to make the nose smaller. The truth is that rhinoplasty, like all cosmetic procedures, is performed in order to produce the ideal aesthetic end result. This may mean either making the nose smaller, or it may mean augmenting the existing nasal structure.

Very few people realize how much impact the appearance of their nose has on the rest of their face. A nose that is too large or too small can make the entire face look imbalanced and out of proportion. Whether reducing or enlarging the nose, sculpting the nose to bring it into alignment with other facial features can make a huge difference in physical appearance.

Candidates for Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Since the bridge of the nose is the area most often augmented through rhinoplasty, most of the candidates for this procedure have a relatively flat or low bridge. A low bridge can make the central area of the face appear flat, and cause the eyes to seem very far apart. Those with a low bridge may even have issues wearing glasses, as their nasal bridge is inadequate for providing adequate support. Other candidates for augmentation rhinoplasty may wish to increase the projection of the nasal tip.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Techniques

There are several different approaches to nasal augmentation, ranging from the minimally invasive to surgical implants. For very subtle results, some practices use dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® or Radiesse®. The advantage of these types of injectables is a very quick appointment, and almost no downtime for healing. The disadvantage is that the results are not permanent, although this does give patient a chance to give their new look a “test run” without committing to surgery.

Surgical options for nasal augmentation usually involve either adding height to the nasal bridge or increasing the nasal tip projection. Both of these techniques require implants. Many who perform this facial plastic surgery procedure in San Diego prefer to use natural implants crafted from the patient’s own cartilage. This cartilage may be harvested from the ear, septum, bone or ribcage. These implants, called autologous grafts, carry a reduced risk of infection and implant rejection.

Synthetic nasal implants made of Gore-Tex®, silicone or PTFE are the alternative to cartilage implants. Unlike cartilage, synthetic implants will not shrink or re-absorb into the body over time. They can also be carefully sculpted to suit each patient’s individual aesthetics.

Choosing Augmentation

Like any cosmetic surgery procedure, nasal augmentation is a personal choice that can make a big difference. This procedure can help make the nose appear longer and slimmer, contributing to a more refined profile. Ensuring that the nose is the right size and shape for your face will make your features look more attractive, and bring your entire appearance into balance.

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