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Benefits of VASER® Liposuction

In San Diego, liposuction remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and was one of the top 5 procedures nationally in 2012 as well. There’s no denying the benefits that can be gained through liposuction. The fine effects of body sculpting are the perfect complement to a healthful diet and active lifestyle to bring out the best in your body. However, not all liposuction techniques are created equal. At Alexander Cosmetic Surgery, we believe that VASER® liposuction, or LipoSelection®, delivers the best results and the best patient experience.

Understanding Liposuction

The process of liposuction involves removing fat cells with a special hollow tube called a cannula. While dieting and exercise are the healthiest methods for weight loss, practicing a positive lifestyle may not be enough by itself to give your body quite the right shape. Stubborn fat deposits often remain behind, especially in areas that are hard to target with a workout alone, like the thighs or love handles.

Liposuction helps minimize those problem spots when other methods can’t help, or fatty areas that have appeared as the body has changed shape with age. Popular treatment areas include the love handles, muffin top and abdomen, inner thighs, upper arms, back, and even the face and neck. Lipo can be combined with other procedures to deliver more comprehensive results, like fine-tuning to complement a tummy tuck or facelift. Men often choose lipo in the chest area to reveal the firmer musculature below, enhancing the results of their normal exercise routine.

What Makes VASER® Different?

There are several methods that plastic surgeons may use when performing liposuction. VASER® liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to emulsify fat cells, facilitating their removal. While other forms of liposuction also break up fat cells for removal, the methods are different. Tumescent lipo involves an injection of liquid solution to promote fat cell removal, while laser-assist liposuction utilizes light energy for liquefying fat. While all are effective, we’ve seen clear benefits to using VASER® instead.

With traditional tumescent liposuction, the injection of liquid solution alone isn’t enough to fully break fat cells apart enough for removal. This form of lipo often has to be accompanied with a vigorous motion, using the cannula to physically break up and withdraw fatty deposits. This method may result in bruising, and can harm surrounding tissue. If blood vessels are damaged, excess bleeding can occur.

Laser-assisted liposuction runs the risk of skin burns in the hands of a less experienced surgeon. The surrounding tissues are at risk of being damaged during laser-assisted lipo as well; the laser frequency emitted by the laser is not fat-specific.

The use of ultrasound energy utilized by the VASER® is highly specific for emulsifying fatty tissue. This means surrounding areas are at a lower risk of injury, plus facilitates easier removal of fat deposits in more fibrous areas like the back. The preservation of blood vessels maintains generous blood supply to the treated area, and promotes healing. Using VASER® also minimizes the incidence of post-surgical bruising, soreness or discomfort. In general, we find that VASER® delivers a greater capacity for fine body sculpting as compared to other liposuction methods.

Minor Procedure for a Major Difference

Regardless of which type of liposuction you feel is best for you, remember that the tool is only as good as your surgeon. While the popularity of liposuction in the San Diego area makes it easy to think of lipo as a minor cosmetic surgery, the best results are achieved by those practitioners who have an advanced understanding of the dimensionality of human anatomy and plenty of experience with body sculpting.

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