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Highest Rated Plastic Surgery Procedures in San Diego

For patients considering plastic surgery in San Diego, one of the primary considerations is their happiness following surgery. While of course no one can say exactly how thrilled they’ll be with their surgical results after a procedure, checking the overall satisfaction ratings for different surgeries (as indicated on is a great gauge for whether the procedure you’re considering is a safe bet.

Breast Augmentation: 92 Percent Satisfaction Rating

Breast augmentation remains one of the procedures with the highest satisfaction ratings among patients, at 92 percent. Whether choosing a subtle lift or an unmistakable profile boost, breast implants are one of the most popular ways in which women choose to improve their appearance. The choices for augmentation are nearly endless: saline or silicone implants, profile type and shape, and implant placement all offer a variety of choices to suit any woman’s frame and appearance goals.

Tummy Tuck: 95 Percent Satisfaction Rating

Tummy tucks are another cosmetic surgery procedure that San Diego patients rate very highly. This surgery can be invaluable following significant weight loss or even just changes in body shape related to aging or pregnancy. Weight gain and pregnancy can both stretch out the abdominal muscles beyond the point where they can resume their normal flatness, while with age comes a laxness in both muscles and skin. A tummy tuck tightens up the underlying musculature again and increases surface skin tightness, while at the same time removing loose folds of skin and excess fat. A well-performed tummy tuck will result in a trim, younger-looking abdominal profile.

Mommy Makeover: 98 Percent Satisfaction Rating

The Mommy Makeover is not just a single procedure, but multiple procedures performed simultaneously in order to resolve multiple issues. These cosmetic surgeries may vary by individual. For example, one woman may need a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction, while another may need only a breast and thigh lift. No two Mommy Makeovers are exactly the same, but they all have one thing in common: helping women look as good, or better, than before they had kids. Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes to the body, including changes in breast shape and firmness, stretch marks, loose abdominal muscles and weight gain. A Mommy Makeover helps women look regain their pre-pregnancy figures with the convenience of a single appointment./p>

Choosing with Confidence

By choosing a surgical procedure that has a very high satisfaction rating among other patients, you’ll be making a safe bet that you’ll be happy with your own cosmetic results. Of course, if there’s a feature of your body that’s kept you from being happy with your appearance for a long time, that’s a great place to start, regardless of whether it’s a highly rated procedure or not.

And finally, when the ultimate goal is to be happy with you new look, take the time to find a top-notch surgeon for your procedure. You should also research what exactly is involved so there are no surprises when it comes to expectations, total cost or anticipated recovery time. An initial consultation will go a long way toward setting your mind at ease before proceeding with the surgery, and feeling positive about your choice is the best way to ensure your own high satisfaction rating.

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