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What's the 'Best' Time for Breast Augmentation?

For women who are interested in breast enhancement, one of the biggest questions is, "What's the best time for breast augmentation?"

To determine that answer, you need to ask yourself why exactly you're choosing the procedure in the first place. Many women choose breast augmentation because they want to have a beautiful body for the summer and beyond. After all, the summer means more time at the pool and the beach, and more time in a bikini.

Dr. John T. Alexander II, a board-certified plastic surgeon and specialist in breast augmentation in La Jolla, California, encourages his patients to think about the time they'll spend resting and recovering after the procedure.

"It would be fantastic if my patients could have cosmetic surgery and be on the beach in San Diego the very next day,” says Dr. Alexander. "But the reality is that women who have breast augmentation are going to need a few days to begin the recovery process and start to feel like themselves again. My office works closely with patients to plan for recovery well in advance."

So is there a universally-accepted time that is considered the best time for breast augmentation? Again, it depends on a woman’s goals and needs.

Is It Spring?

Some women look at their calendars and see April or May as their best time for breast augmentation. The thought is that they'll spend a few weeks recovering and be ready for the pool, beach and beyond by the time June rolls around.

"Most of my patients choosing breast enlargement are ready to return to their normal routine after just a few days,” notes Dr. Alexander. "But every woman is different. It’s important not to rush the recovery or try to do too much too soon. Spring is one of the busier times of year for breast augmentation at our practice, and with proper preparation a woman choosing the procedure in the spring months definitely should be fully recovered in time for summer activities."

Women considering breast augmentation in spring need to keep in mind that there will be an initial consultation that takes place before surgery is scheduled. Depending on the surgeon’s availability, it may be several weeks between the consultation and the day of surgery. That is why planning ahead is so important.

Winter and Fall: The Optimal Time for Breast Augmentation?

Many women have found that the “best” time for breast augmentation procedures is in the fall or months. For starters, the colder weather means heavier, less-revealing clothing. That means you can recover privately. With fewer outdoor activities, it also makes it easier to rest up and focus on recovery.

Many breast augmentation patients agree that getting the procedure done in the fall and winter allows the most time for healing and, when summer comes, they feel great showing off their new curves, whether it's at the pool, beach, or any vacation spot.

No matter what time of year you decide to schedule cosmetic surgery in San Diego, there are many other considerations to keep in mind. At the top of your list has to be the skill and experience of your surgeon. Look for a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who has extensive experience performing breast augmentation procedures. Also review your implant options so you can determine which implant style is best for your aesthetic goals. By paying attention to all of the variables that go into making breast enlargement a successful and rewarding experience, you can make the most of your procedure.

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