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San Diego Plastic Surgeon Sees Increase in Facelifts among Seniors

Statistics show that facelifts are the most popular procedure among people age 65 and older, the second largest segment of the population to choose cosmetic surgery procedures overall.Read More

San Diego Plastic Surgery Practice Launches Updated Website

Leading plastic surgery practice Alexander Cosmetic Surgery provides more helpful information to explain how procedures work and how to get ready for them.Read More

San Diego Breast Augmentation Practice Sees Procedure Increase

San Diego breast augmentation practice Alexander Cosmetic Surgery is seeing demand for the procedure surge as the economy recovers and women discover new value in the procedure. Read More

San Diego Plastic Surgery Practice Sees Rise in QuickLift™ Procedures

Alexander Cosmetic Surgery announces a rise in QuickLift™ procedures. Despite a national decline in facelifts, the practice's specialized facelift procedure delivers faster recovery times and fewer complications, leading to an increase in demand. Read More

Social Media Causing Rise in San Diego Plastic Surgery?

Alexander Cosmetic Surgery is skeptical about social media’s role in plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons Dr. John Alexander and Dr. John Alexander II believe social media’s role is positive. Read More

San Diego Plastic Surgeon Launches Spanish Language Website

New site meant to help bridge the language gap for those who are more comfortable reading in Spanish. Read More

Plastic Surgery Practice in San Diego Offers Affordable Financing

To help make cosmetic treatments more affordable, Alexander Cosmetic Surgery announces a new financing program for people considering plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and facelift in San Diego. Read More


Is a Facelift Enough?

A facelift is often the most effective cosmetic surgery solution for the progressive signs of aging through the lower face, neck and jaw line. It’s also one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the United States. Yet, with the growing popularity of less invasive treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, it’s clear that a facelift isn’t the only solution for looking younger.  Read More

Benefits of VASER® Liposuction

In San Diego, liposuction remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and was one of the top 5 procedures nationally in 2012 as well. There’s no denying the benefits that can be gained through liposuction. Read More

Highest Rated Plastic Surgery Procedures in San Diego

For patients considering plastic surgery in San Diego, one of the primary considerations is their happiness following surgery. While of course no one can say exactly how thrilled they’ll be with their surgical results after a procedure, checking the overall satisfaction ratings for different surgeries (as indicated on is a great gauge for whether the procedure you’re considering is a safe bet. Read More

All about Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Although it’s easy enough to find plastic surgeons in San Diego who perform rhinoplasty to make the nose appear smaller, there are also men and women who want to augment the shape of their nose instead. Read More

Why Are More Women Over 40 Choosing Breast Augmentation?

Both nationally and in Southern California, breast augmentation for women over the age of 40 is on the rise. Why is there a new trend toward cosmetic procedures for this specific age group? Read More

Why Breast Augmentation Is Popular on the West Coast

A recent study shows that around 38 percent of breast augmentations are performed in the Western United States. Read More

‘Mommy Makeover’ Key Procedures

Being a mom is a lot of work. With all the time and effort that you put into caring for your children and building a family, it can be all too easy to forget to take care of yourself. Read More

What It Takes to Become a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you’re looking for the most qualified plastic surgeons in the La Jolla area, you should start by choosing one who is board-certified in plastic surgery. The certification process exists in order to assure patients that their surgeon has the skills and expertise necessary to provide the highest quality care available within the specialty. Read More

Five Benefits of Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people are opting for this procedure to remove unwanted fat. Men and women are choosing ultrasonic liposuction at my San Diego practice because it can offer greater comfort and smoother results compared to traditional techniques. Read More

What's the 'Best' Time for Breast Augmentation?

For women who are interested in breast enhancement, one of the biggest questions is, "What's the best time for breast augmentation?". Read More

Choosing the Right Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

Alexander Cosmetic Surgery offers many types of plastic surgery procedures San Diego patients can benefit from.Read More

Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego: How to Choose the Right Surgeon

Millions of people have a thing or two they wish they could change about their appearance. While some downplay this and simply carry on with their lives, others wish they could find a solution every time they stand before a mirror. Read More

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