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San Diego Plastic Surgery Practice Launches Updated Website

Leading plastic surgery practice Alexander Cosmetic Surgery provides more helpful information to explain how procedures work and how to get ready for them.

San Diego, California (November 2012) – With the launch of updated procedure pages on its website, Alexander Cosmetic Surgery ( has created an enhanced resource for prospective San Diego plastic surgery patients. The new pages are now more intuitive than ever, with a fresh new approach for teaching visitors about each procedure.

“An informed patient is a great patient,” states Dr. John T. Alexander II, a board-certified plastic surgeon at the La Jolla cosmetic surgery practice. “By giving my patients the tools they need to learn more about their surgery, they're more confident during their consultations and ask better questions.”

Dr. Alexander has long been recognized as one of the premier cosmetic surgeons in the La Jolla area. With the unveiling of the updated website format, he hopes to remain a go-to resource for men and women considering their cosmetic surgery options.

“Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy,” he admits. “Almost every patient I have has already read up about their procedure online before our first consultation. Part of my job as a leader in the field is to proactively provide reliable information on my own site. My goal is to dispel any misinformation that's already out there and give patients a trusted source of cosmetic surgery information.”

The new site format provides a broad overview of all the different procedures offered by Alexander Cosmetic Surgery, as well as more detailed descriptions and information for those seeking deeper research. Providing resources in this way helps prospective patients see at a glance both surgical and nonsurgical options, as well as the pros and cons to both.

“Many other sites give a short overview of each procedure, which usually leaves a lot to be desired,” explains Dr. Alexander. “We've decided instead to include not just basic info about what to expect, but in-depth info addressing all different facets of the surgery. We've moved our focus to discuss the issues that matter most to the patient, like how to pick the right surgeon and what to expect during the recovery process.”

Dr. Alexander and his father are pioneers in the cosmetic surgery field, and are dedicated to sharing their recent innovations with their patients. Their new site is able to do exactly that, and should remain a top resource for people exploring cosmetic surgery in the San Diego area.

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