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San Diego Plastic Surgery Practice Sees Rise in QuickLift™ Procedures

Alexander Cosmetic Surgery announces a rise in QuickLift™ procedures. Despite a national decline in facelifts, the practice's specialized facelift procedure delivers faster recovery times and fewer complications, leading to an increase in demand.

San Diego, California (September 2012) – The number of facelift procedures being done nationally may have declined since 2000, but a local [link] San Diego plastic surgery [/link] practice is bucking the trend with its advanced facelift procedure. Alexander Cosmetic Surgery is performing more facelift procedures thanks to the QuickLift™, an innovative technique first performed by Dr. John T. Alexander in 2004.

Many patients report that the longer recovery times and risks of complications with traditional facelifts are major factors in why they've decided against facelift surgery. But with key advances offered through the QuickLift™ technique, Dr. Alexander is able to reduce recovery time while still achieving results nearly identical to those of a traditional facelift procedure.

"The popularity of the QuickLift has taken even us off guard," says Dr. Alexander, a skilled [link] facelift surgeon in San Diego [/link]. "It's been a popular procedure since its introduction, but I believe the technique may have reached a point of critical mass in popularity, with word-of-mouth being the main way our patients discover the procedure."

Particularly effective for women and men in their 40s and 50s, the technique combines several important facelift steps into one procedure that addresses the jaw line, neck, cheek and face areas all at once. The result is in a rejuvenated, younger, fresher look to facial components.

"To this day, clients from all over the state, and beyond, come to us because they hear of this procedure," adds Dr. Alexander. "The growth in popularity of the QuickLift™ is that much more impressive considering that the number of facelift surgeries nationally has declined over the past decade."

The stark contrast between national numbers and those of Alexander Cosmetic Surgery is likely due to the constant innovation taking place at the practice. Many people considering facial rejuvenation wanted a short recovery time so that they can return to work sooner. They also wanted a procedure that is more cost-effective than a traditional facelift.

"The QuickLift™ is just one of the advancements we've introduced to improve patient outcomes," notes Dr. Alexander. "Our advanced VASER® Liposuction technique, our expertise in human growth hormone via our TOTAL T CLINIC clinic, and much more has helped us connect with more patients. We're providing real innovations for people who want to look and feel great about their bodies, and that's why our patients have come to expect great results from us."

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