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Why Are More Women Over 40 Choosing Breast Augmentation?

Both nationally and in Southern California, breast augmentation for women over the age of 40 is on the rise. Why is there a new trend toward cosmetic procedures for this specific age group? What’s changed in recent years that more women over 40 are choosing breast augmentation from San Diego cosmetic surgeons?

The Mommy Factor

Along with cosmetic surgery, another major life event is now happening more frequently for women around age 40: they’re starting their families. More women are pursuing careers first, relationships and marriages next, and family down the road when they’re a bit more settled.

Younger women who go through pregnancy and childbirth have a few reasons to delay the pursuit of cosmetic procedures. For one thing, their bodies recover more quickly and completely from the toll pregnancy and nursing can take. Skin is more elastic, muscles are firmer, and the body in general is just more forgiving. Also, younger women may be more hesitant to commit to procedures such as augmentation when they may be uncertain about whether they may have more children in the future. Additional pregnancies can negatively affect the appearance of the breasts and compromise the original breast augmentation result.

Older women, on the other hand, tend to be more settled both as far as family and career. Since they’re older, they have fewer childbearing years left, so they are less likely to have more children. Older women are also more self-assured of their place in life. They’ve spent 40 plus years in their current body, and have no intention of wasting any more time feeling frustrated by their figures. They may also be more financially secure, allowing them a bit more freedom for spending on cosmetic procedures.

The Age Factor

Another major reason women in their 40s begin considering breast augmentation in San Diego is because of age-related changes to the appearance of their breasts. Loss of volume and sagging of breast tissue often occurs as women age.

Some women find that around age 40, they start to feel that, while they are still young enough to have plenty of energy and avoid any major health problems, subtle signs of aging are making them look older than they really feel. Because of this, the 40s are often the ideal decade to begin pursuing cosmetic procedures.

Aging Gracefully

By turning back the clock in your 40s with breast augmentation, you’re really setting the stage for entering your later years with beauty and grace. The truth is, there’s really no great mystery as to why women are choosing breast augmentation a bit later in life these days. Women in their 40s know they’re in their prime, and they know they deserve to look their very best.

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