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Why Breast Augmentation Is Popular on the West Coast

A recent study shows that around 38 percent of breast augmentations are performed in the Western United States. Although many of us may automatically assume that means more breast augmentation in San Diego and other large California cities, several Western states are included in this statistic: Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and even including Alaska and Hawaii.

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the Western region. What makes it such a popular procedure in this area of the country?

West Coast Culture

Many people point out that Hollywood is at the center of West Coast culture, and suggest this has an impact on the higher rates of women choosing breast implants in La Jolla, San Diego, LA, Beverly Hills and other sunny areas. In some cases, women will have certain celebrities in mind when considering what they’d like their breast augmentation result to look like.

When prominent public figures choose to have cosmetic procedures and are open and honest about it, it can be encouraging to the rest of us for a couple reasons. First, because these stars represent a living, breathing example of a positive surgical outcome. And secondly, being open about their surgeries helps others feel more comfortable about considering cosmetic enhancement as well. After all, if they’re doing it, why can’t you?

Another unique aspect of West Coast culture is the prevailing “live and let live” attitude in many parts of the area. Residents in these states are very accepting of cosmetic surgery in general. Having a surgical cosmetic procedure is common enough that there isn’t really a stigma attached to wanting to look your best. Most people are familiar with the various procedures, and it's common to see people who have had a procedure done, whether it's a breast augmentation or just a touch up with BOTOX®. Cosmetic surgery on the West Coast is treated like it’s no big deal. Everyone is encouraged to look their best.

Shifting Attitudes

The Western states aren’t the only ones seeing a shift in attitudes toward cosmetic surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that a growing number of Americans are becoming accepting of cosmetic surgical procedures across all regions of the United States. In fact, a recent study indicated that over half of the American population indicated approval of cosmetic surgery, regardless of their income level. Additionally, well over half (67 percent) of Americans stated that they wouldn’t be bothered if their family and friends knew that they had chosen to have a cosmetic procedure. These numbers show an increase since the last poll taken by the ASAPS on the subject.

Choosing Augmentation

Regardless of how popular breast augmentation is in the state where you live, choosing the procedure is something you should do just for you and not because it’s what many other women are doing. Although a more accepting attitude regarding your surgery is a real blessing, remember that ultimately this is a present you’re giving yourself. Augmentation is performed for many reasons besides the popularity of the procedure: to fill out clothing better, to feel more feminine, to improve the way you see yourself, or all of the above. Whether on the West Coast or elsewhere, you deserve to look and feel your best.

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